About SOM

Our platform serves a large number of participants across the music industry, including music composers, karaoke bar owners, and karaoke bar singers. By utilizing blockchain technology, music copyright and revenue distribution are handled transparently and fairly, and the burden of fees is reduced by minimizing the role of intermediaries. In addition, it is characterized by allowing users who have purchased the sound source to take ownership of the sound source and transfer it.

How it works

SOM Application

Anyone can enjoy their favorite music and become a singer through the SOM app. Fair compensation is provided through improvements, recreations, and remixes of new or existing musical works.

SOM Token

Blockchain enables secure and transparent protection of music creation and distribution information, ensuring fair compensation for music creators. This can inspire and exponentially grow creative activities through a P2P system.

BlockChain Technology

Music composition and distribution information can be securely protected and tracked with blockchain, providing a transparent and fair copyright protection system for music creators.

Our Concept & Service

SOM aims to solve issues in the music industry such as copyright and revenue distribution, minimize intermediaries' role and provide users with ownership and transferability of purchased music. The platform operates using tokens, which can also be used for transactions and earnings distribution. Our goal is to provide a transparent and fair service for users and generate revenue for music creators and karaoke business owners.


Token Distribution

Distribution Information

It highlights how a token distribution strategy can be used to build this foundation. This provides a solid strategy for investors that can lead to greater success for the music industry and its participants.

  • Marketing : 150,000,000 ( 15% )
  • Ecosystem : 100,000,000 ( 10% )
  • Reserve : 50,000,000 ( 5% )
  • Team : 200,000,000 ( 20% )
  • Sale : 100,000,000 ( 10% )
  • Development : 200,000,000 ( 20% )
  • Community : 200,000,000 ( 20% )


SOM's roadmap provides users with trust in the project's progress and direction, encouraging participation and support for the project.

2023 2SQ.

Platform modeling and launch.

Design of tokenomics structure.

Platform testing begins.

CEX Listing.

2023 3SQ.

Testnet operation.

1st service launch.

Platform testing begins.

2023 4SQ.

2nd stage service launch.

Provide mobile app services.

Renew music platform branding.

2024 1SQ.

Add music-related e-commerce platform.

Promote NFT commercialization.

CEX Listing.